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Exploring, connecting and innovating. From its expertise, Meet4research offers quality experience research (qualitatively and quantitatively). We aim to explore together with the client in order to arrive at an appropriate investigation.

Meet4research provides insight, based on knowledge that has been built up over the past few decades, in cooperation and communication with our clients, research partners, industry associations and the platform Sturen op Beleving (Steering towards Experience).

Our cross-border orientation and transparent experience model, and the collaboration with clients and specialists in experience research bring renewal for change and outcome.

Experience can be distinctly measured

We are active in the Netherlands as well as abroad

We are active in the Netherlands as well as abroad

Meet4research works for various companies and non-profit organisations. For review and knowledge level we cooperate with scientists and research institutes.

Meet4research makes it possible to distinctly measure experience

Meet4research makes it possible to distinctly measure experience

For instance on the basis of preliminary research, impact measurement and monitoring essential for organisations, for instance.

The insight of Meet4research stems from numerous surveys and studies in different environments, including (semi) public spaces.

Designing, organising and testing research
Organising and coordinating the assignments
Collecting and processing data
Analysis, reporting and advice
  • Designing, organising and testing research

  • Organising and coordinating the assignments

  • Collecting and processing data

  • Analysis, reporting and advice

Experience research

What is experience? Experience is nothing more than the emotions people feel. These emotions arise from thoughts and by environmental stimuli that humans perceive with their senses. Emotions lead to behaviour, often without people being aware of it. Thoughts cannot be affected, but emotions elicited by environmental stimuli can. By directing stimuli in a certain environment and tuning in to the function of that particular environment, emotions and behaviour can be positively affected.

Meet4research acquires new insights to direct with physical space / people / processes, thus enhancing the amenity value, satisfaction being the starting point. Atmosphere, comfort and safety play an
important role in this.

Central to this approach of evidence-based design is the
Quality Dimensions model of Dr. Mark van Hagen.


Improved satisfaction will lead to new or higher yield, including a positive atmosphere than can result in a longer residence time, increased spending or repeat visits.

Based on the acquired research results, improvement programmes will follow for redesigning specific areas and environments with increased amenity value, by introducing or attuning aspects likes odours, colour or music for instance.

Estimated grow with 5 euro

Estimated grow with 5 euro

The average spending per visitor can be estimated + € 5. This hypothesis has been econometrically tested.

Shopping centre increases by 1.0 point

Shopping centre increases by 1.0 point

We can state that when the experience of atmosphere in a shopping centre increases by 1.0 point...


Meet4research carries out research in the field of mobility, leisure, retail and urban renewal and for the government, in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and in various European Member States.

  • Royal Jaarbeurs

    Development of a Monitor of the Experience Chain of fair visitors - from arrival in Utrecht till leaving the venue.

  • Dutch Railway Stations (NS)

    Support in the development and implementation of the Station Experience Monitor.

  • Dutch Railways Travellers (NS)

    Support in the development and implementation of the Train Experience Monitor.
    In addition: to determine effects during experiments and events.

  • Municipal Transportation Company (GVB)

    Development and pilot: a set of instruments to measure the experience in the customer journey (tram, bus, metro).

  • Merseyrail

    Train Experience Monitor
    (Based on knowledge of NS)

  • Prorail

    Project Waiting Experience at Small Trains stations.

  • Knowledge Platform CROW-KpVV

    Test / pilot to develop the Public Transport Barometer in the future into an Experience Monitor (nationwide, tram-bus-subway-ferry).

  • NODES (EU)

    Support in the development of a tool to measure the customer experience at European stations in a standardised method.

  • Province of Groningen

    Based Measurement perception at all stations in the province of Groningen project Facelift Northern stations.

  • Province of Limburg

    Experience Survey Train Station ‘Voerendaal’ regarding large renovation project.

  • Municipality of Almere

    Experience Survey (atmosphere-experience and execution time-outflow) in Almere Center and at its seven squares.

  • Municipality of Breda

    Experience Survey for the Improvement of Squares in Breda and Tilburg.

  • District Water Board Aa and Maas

    Image Survey among its residents.

  • Eclectic

    Employee Survey and exploration of strategy and provision.

  • MCB Nederland

    Group Sessions with MCB accounts on current developments in the steel industry.

Steering towards Experience

Meet4research is one of the founders of Sturen op Beleving (Steering towards Experience): the platform of and for Experience research in the Netherlands.

Sturen op Beleving is formed, fostered and followed by a variety of organisations in the retail, FMCG, government, transportation, project development, municipalities and universities.

The key-group of the platform includes Prof. Ad Pruyn, Prof. Gert-Jan Hospers, Dr. Mark van Hagen, Drs Hans Martens, Ir. Drs. Jeroen van den Heuvel and Dr. Mirjam Galetzka.



Ambience, comfort and safety in the (semi) public space.


In exploration, together with our client.


Research and studies in different surroundings.


Designing, implementing and testing research.


Improved satisfaction leads to new or higher provenance.

Do you have a research question? Would you like to test an assignment? Or would you like to know what Meet4research can mean for your organisation?


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