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Meet4research is a market-leading research agency that has specialized for more than 15 years in perception research in public transport and public spaces. With perception research, better known as experience research, we enable our clients to make the right policy decisions by providing them with concrete and accessible advice.

Our Evidence-Based Design is core to our approach. In other words: Meet4research uses scientifically proven strategies. We have built up our knowledge from intensive collaboration with NS working together with our colleague Dr Mark van Hagen, senior consultant, and the University of Twente.

In the research process, we adopt a cooperative attitude: we more than understand that you do not carry out research for a client, but with a client. We, therefore, attach great value to investing in collaboration with our clients and research partners.


More often, experience and behaviour are mentioned in the same breath. Yet this is about two different mental states, that are in line with each other. Human behaviour is influenced by the environmental stimuli we perceive with our senses, mostly, subconsciously. In fact, more than 95 per cent of the environmental stimuli - sound, temperature, colour and smell, influence our feelings and ultimately our behaviour.

Meet4research makes the experience measurable so that you can use hard facts to determine behaviour.


Designing, organising and testing research
Organising and coordinating the assignments
Collecting and processing data
Analysis, reporting and advice
  • Designing, organising and testing research

  • Organising and coordinating the assignments

  • Collecting and processing data

  • Analysis, reporting and advice


Research among visitors to public spaces and travellers in public transport often focuses on functional aspects; the so-called dissatisfiers. An example of a dissatisfier is hygiene in a room. However, little attention goes to factors that make a space more attractive - the so-called satisfiers, for example, the careful use of colour, and music in a waiting room or, a bicycle route where attention focusses on natural greenery.

The overall opinions of visitors and travellers are, on average, determined by no less than fifty to sixty per cent satisfiers. We use experience research to map the score of these satisfiers. Perception sounds like a "soft" concept, but it is actually "hard" and measurable.

From an economic standpoint, investing in satisfiers is much more cost-effective. It is why perception or experience research is an attractive tool for identifying valuable investments.

The Quality Dimensions model of Dr. Mark van Hagen (senior consultant NS) is central to our evidence-based research approach.


Experience research offers concrete tools for improvement programs or policy decisions. By attuning stimuli in a room, for example, scent, colour or music to the function of that environment, you can positively influence emotions and thereby, behaviour. Because the environmental stimuli are logically related to this, you create a higher experience value.

A higher experience value leads to new or higher returns, through a longer stay, more loyalty, more spending and repeat visits.

New SLT upholstery

New SLT upholstery

Experience train as quiet + 0,5*
Experience smell in train as pleasant + 0,4
Furniture meets wishes + 0,7
Experience interior as neat and clean + 0,9
Train makes a neat impression + 0,7
Furniture attractive + 1,1
Well maintained + 0,8
Clean impression furniture + 1,3
Color seats match NS + 0,4

*Measured on a ten-point scale.

Trash Tree leads to more positive park experience

Trash Tree leads to more positive park experience

Park attraction + 0,4*
Park liveliness + 0,4
Colorfulness of the park + 0,3
Judgment waste bins + 0,5

*Measured on a ten-point scale.


Our clients are based primarily in the Netherlands, and also in the UK, Germany and elsewhere in Europe. They are, among others, concession providers, public transport operators, Provinces & Municipalities responsible for mobility and urban renewal.

  • Royal Jaarbeurs

    Development of a Monitor of the Experience Chain of fair visitors - from arrival in Utrecht till leaving the venue.

  • Dutch Railway Stations (NS)

    Support in the development and implementation of the Station Experience Monitor.

  • Dutch Railways Travellers (NS)

    Support in the development and implementation of the Train Experience Monitor.
    In addition: to determine effects during experiments and events.

  • Municipal Transportation Company (GVB)

    Development and pilot: a set of instruments to measure the experience in the customer journey (tram, bus, metro).

  • Merseyrail

    Train Experience Monitor
    (Based on knowledge of NS)

  • Prorail

    Project Waiting Experience at Small Trains stations.

  • Knowledge Platform CROW-KpVV

    Test / pilot to develop the Public Transport Barometer in the future into an Experience Monitor (nationwide, tram-bus-subway-ferry).

  • NODES (EU)

    Support in the development of a tool to measure the customer experience at European stations in a standardised method.

  • Province of Groningen

    Based Measurement perception at all stations in the province of Groningen project Facelift Northern stations.

  • Province of Limburg

    Experience Survey Train Station ‘Voerendaal’ regarding large renovation project.

  • Municipality of Almere

    Experience Survey (atmosphere-experience and execution time-outflow) in Almere Center and at its seven squares.

  • Municipality of Breda

    Experience Survey for the Improvement of Squares in Breda and Tilburg.

  • District Water Board Aa and Maas

    Image Survey among its residents.

  • Eclectic

    Employee Survey and exploration of strategy and provision.

  • MCB Nederland

    Group Sessions with MCB accounts on current developments in the steel industry.


Some themes on which Meet4research conducts research are:

● Public transport experience (travel and station experience)

● Nuisance experience (for construction and maintenance projects)

● Cycling experience

● Experience in city centers and specific public spaces

For the implementation of perception research Meet4research works closely with consultancy firm




Ambience, comfort and safety in the (semi) public space.


In exploration, together with our client.


Research and studies in different surroundings.


Designing, implementing and testing research.


Improved satisfaction leads to new or higher provenance.

Do you have a research question? Or would you like to know what Meet4research can mean for your organisation?


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